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Maybe you don't need a complete website but you could use some help. Take a look at what we can do for you!

  1. Adwords Campaign (we call this the rabbit tactic) - an Adwords campaign can consist of several components. It can be one of 3 choices. But remember the rule of thumb, more keywords = more landing pages = more customers = more profit for you!
    • Full Campaign - This consist of 5 separate landing pages, all tied back to 'keyword searches' that a potential client would type in when looking for your product or services. The more landing pages the more keywords that come up that are tied back to you and your website. Your One time Investment $3,000
    • Regular Campaign - This consists of the same procedure above only less landing pages. Here you get 3 word search and 3 separate landing pages. Your one Time Investment of $2,000
    • Small Campaign - Hey something is better than nothing. Same as above only one 'keyword' search and one landing page. Your One Time Investment $1,500

  2. Walk on Spokesperson - Nothing sell's your product better than you do but when you can't, let your walk on media person to do it for you. We work with the best talent on two continents. We'll write the 60 second script and pick the talent from our large pool of actors. Once completed your walk on media person walks on instantly someone lands on your website and begins to captivate the customer and more importantly sell them. Oh and by the way they're yours to keep forever.

  3. Title, Description & Keyword Changes - Here's what we do. We change your title so that it appears more frequently in search engines, that's huge. The Description also connects to your keyword search to give the potential client a better idea of what you have, we call it pre-closing or selling them before they get to your website that is. Keyword's tie back to Description and Title, the more keywords we associate with your website the better. Your One Time Investment $1,000

  4. Natural Search Engine Results (we call this the tortoise tactic) - Look on a search engine, for example Google, the firs 3 that pop up on the main page. Here's a little secret... they are paid for. Anything below the 3rd position is called 'Natural Search Engine Results' - What we do is build an online media campaign to begin to raise your websites influence. Our goal being to get you onto the first page of Google, as soon as possible. But this can take up to 6 months depending on the competition associated with your product or services. Your monthly investment is $500

  5. Hosting - is available for a couple of different reasons. The first being your website is always built on our platform if you are building a new website. For a small monthly fee we continue to service and monitor your website. Most people find this very convenient, and remember we built your site in the first place, so we know it inside out. Another reason for hosing would be if you purchase some of the aforementioned systems, we would then need continuous access to your systems to continue to do the work needed for the services you needed.
    • Adwords campaign hosting $17 per month
    • Full site hosting $47 per month.

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from our clients

Dear Denise,

Thank you very much for taking the time to do the Free Website Analysis! I very much appreciate this educative approach to what you do and therefore, what's on offer for my business success.

I respect and appreciate your prompt attention and professional approach. I'm only too happy to support the ongoing success of any business which uses such a heartwarming level of integrity and decency. The qualities of sincerity and personal touch are what I look for when engaging any person or organization.

Thank you once again,


Kyla Wood