Managed Customer Email List

"If you don't have a list, you don't have a business... just a series of promotions."

So say many of the biggest and most successful business owners we work with & they're right.

Heres the thing...

  • We use a separate email service provider that is highly recommended and very reliable.

  • When we set up your site we will set up the website to collect email addresses

  • You then get training videos on how to use the program and manage the email system yourself.

Remember you will need to provide us with initial emails about your business so that we can set these up for you in our auto-responder service.

Naturally all emails will be reviewed by our copywriter so that you have the highest probability for success possible.

And the best part...

At any time if you have a sale or special coming up you simply log onto the email provider and you can blast a powerful sales message to all people on your list. This is how the "big" marketers do you can too!

Just make sure you have all of your systems in place to handle the jump in traffic!!

Your email list belongs wholly and solely to you. We have no access to your customers and you are totally in control of the privacy of the emails to your list.

Simple formula... build your list and you build your business!!!

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from our clients

Dear Denise,

Thank you very much for taking the time to do the Free Website Analysis! I very much appreciate this educative approach to what you do and therefore, what's on offer for my business success.

I respect and appreciate your prompt attention and professional approach. I'm only too happy to support the ongoing success of any business which uses such a heartwarming level of integrity and decency. The qualities of sincerity and personal touch are what I look for when engaging any person or organization.

Thank you once again,


Kyla Wood