Here is What You Get...

A professionally designed, strategically written, lead-generating website designed to produce the highest customer lead generation and conversion rates.

It consists of the following:

You Get Real Internet Business Solutions Other Companies
Self-managed website that's so easy to use that your kid could do it! Yes No
Email Support Yes Yes
Professional Graphic Designers Yes Sometimes
Search Engine Optimised Site Yes Sometimes
Copywriting to draw more customers Yes No
Any issues with your website and we shall fix them for free for the first 12 months Yes No
Your website delivered in 70 days, or less, or it's free Yes No
Set up required Email auto-responders for you Yes No
Help manage your email lists for the first 12 months Yes No
Complete Keyword Research Report to hit your target market right where it counts: their wallet Yes No
Provide an Internet Business Solution based around your business Yes No
10 Months of SEO Natural Traffic Generation to Your Site Yes Sometimes
Social Networking links to Your Facebook Page, if you don't have one, we'll create one for you. Yes Sometimes
Walk on Video Sales Person Yes No
One Professional Newspaper Ad Yes No
One 30 second Radio Script Yes No
The Industry's Most Powerful Guarantee Yes No
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from our clients

Dear Denise,

Thank you very much for taking the time to do the Free Website Analysis! I very much appreciate this educative approach to what you do and therefore, what's on offer for my business success.

I respect and appreciate your prompt attention and professional approach. I'm only too happy to support the ongoing success of any business which uses such a heartwarming level of integrity and decency. The qualities of sincerity and personal touch are what I look for when engaging any person or organization.

Thank you once again,


Kyla Wood